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Pinguino IDE v12.0 (under development)

PIC16F XC8 compiler support

PIC16F boards (Pinguino 16F1459) support

PIC16F Microchip Curiosity development board (PIC16F1708) support

PIC16F USB bootloader (PIC16F1459) support

PIC18F XC8 compiler support

PIC24F compiler support

PIC24F boards (Pinguino PIC24FJ128GB202 and Pinguino PIC24FJ256GB110) support

PIC24F (PIC24FJ128GB202 and PIC24FJ256GB110) USB bootloader

PIC32MZ compiler support

PIC32MZ (PIC32MZ2048ECH144) Starter Kit board support

PIC32MZ (PIC32MZ2048ECH144) USB bootloader

IDE multi-file project support

Task List

Pinguino IDE v11.0

Complete :

New Host (GitHub for sources, SourceForge for archives and packages)

GIT version manager

Graphical Language integration

NSIS Windows Installer

Linux Debian package (we're looking for a Debian Developer to submit the package to, , please contact Régis)

Work in progress :

Easier third-party library integration

Virtual Pinguino IDE (details and questions to Nik )

Cloud Pinguino (details and questions to Yeison )

started on 2015-01-31 Mac OS X package

Mac OS X installer

started on 2015-01-31 New 32-bit USB CDC library managed by interrupt

started on 2014-10-01 New 32-bit USB HID bootloader

Feel FREE to add suggestion to this list.

Pinguino IDE v10.4 (aka X.4)


Bootloader v4.x support

ICSP programming (picpgm support still to do)

Best Error Management with comprehensive message (support C and ASM error message)

Support of all USB bootloader version and No bootloader mode


RTCC library (Régis).

SD library (André).

I2C slave functions (André).

USB Bulk functions (André).

SPI slave functions (André).

Clock speed switching (Régis).

Low power mode management (Régis).

Pinguino 47J53 support (Régis).

Software Serial Library

Software SPI Library

HID bootloader (aka bootloader v5)

75% CTMU library (Régis).

75% Check libraries so that they can support all clock speed.

Support of Serial2, I2C2, SPI2, etc. (just as we did with Pinguino 32)

Firmata Library (André)


90% Pinguino USB HID Bootloader (Pinguino 32MX270 only)

Overclocking (Pinguino 32MX270 only)

Python Uploader

Servo library

Stepper library (microsteps support)

Compatibility with 8-bit interrupt library (OnTimer0, OnTimer1, ...)


Linux (Debian) Pinguino Package (IDE + Compilers)

Linux (Debian) Pinguino IDE Package

Linux (Debian) SDCC Pic16 Package

Linux (Debian) GCC Mips Elf Package

Pinguino as a Universal ICSP Programmer

Pinguino IDE v10.3 (aka X.3)

Results of compilation of examples


Pinguino 47J53 model A

Pinguino 47J53 model B

Kit Pinguino 32MX250

75% Kit Pinguino 32MX270B (with built-in ST7735 1.8" TFT display)