PIC18F2550 Features

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Features not (yet) supported by Pinguino

Here is a list of PIC18F2550 features not supported by Pinguino:

Pin usage

  • Basic I/O
    • Digital I/O on RA4(Run) and RE3/MCLR(Reset)
    • Digital I/O on RE3(Reset)
    • PortB (pin 0 to 7) weak pull-up
    • Analog input on RB0/AN12(0), RB1/AN10(2), RB2/AN8(2), RB3/AN9(3), RB4/AN11(4)
    • Mix Analog input and Digital I/O on RA0/AN0(13), RA1/AN1(14), RA2/AN2(15), RA3/AN3(16), RA5/AN4(17),
    • I²C dialog using RB0/SDA(0) and RB1/SCL(1)
    • SPI dialog using RA5/SS(17), RB0/SDI(0), RB1/SCL(1) and RC7/SDO(9)
    • Synchronous EUSART on RC6/CK(8) and RC7/DT(9)
  • External interrupt on RB0/INT0(0), RB1/INT1(1) and RB2/INT2(2)
  • Interrupt on change using RB4/KBI0(4), RB5/KBI1(5), RB6/KBI2(6) and RB7/KBI3(7)
  • Analog
    • A/D reference voltage on RA2/VREF-(15) and RA3/VREF+(16)
    • Analog comparator reference output on RA2/CVREF(15)
  • Timers/Comparator
    • Timer external clock input on RA4/T0CKI(17) and RC0/T13CKI(10)
    • Timer oscillator I/O on RC1/T1OSI(11) and RC0/T1OSO(10)
    • Comparator 1 and 2 ouputs on RA4/C1OUT(Run) and RA5/C2OUT(17)
    • High/Low-Voltage Detect input on RA5/HLVDIN(17)
    • PWM Fault input on CCP1 module using RB0/FLT0(0)
    • Capture/Compare on RC1/CPP2(11) and RC2/CPP1(12)


  • Detect reset nature (Power-Up, Hard reset, Reset instruction, Brown-out, Stack Error, Watchdog)
  • EEPROM usage
  • Timer0 to Timer3 usage

Feature that can not be used by Pinguino

Here is a list of PIC18F2550 feature that can not be used by Pinguino:

  • Digital I/O on RA6: is impossible as USB require a quartz clock
  • Digital I/O on RA4 and RA5 as it is used by USB
  • Using an external USB transceiver on RA4/RCV(Run), RB2/VMO(2), RB3/VPO(3) and RC1/UOE(11)