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Pinguino IDE

The Pinguino IDE is a stand alone application built with Python. An integrated preprocessor translates specific Arduino instructions directly into C. This preprocessor reduces the code length and increases the execution speed.

The Pinguino IDE has a C compiler (SDCC for 8-bit MCUs and GCC-mips-elf for 32-bit MCUs), assembler and linker (GPUTILS for 8-bit MCUs, BINUTILS for 32-bit MCUs) and a USB bootloader (based on Microchip USB HID bootloader for 32-bit MCUs).

Pinguino IDE X4

Pinguino IDE Download

Pinguino IDE supports 8- and 32-bit Pinguino.

Latest IDE development packages

You can download the latest development packages from the downloads area.

Latest development release from Google Code Subversion (SVN) Repository

You can also get the latest development release from the Google Code Subversion (SVN) repository:

Please report bugs on the forum.

Pinguino IDE Installation

Please refer to corresponding page for your operating system:

In case of trouble, read also the IDE Bugs page.

Pinguino IDE Folder structure

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